Meet Our New Friends!

Meet Our New Friends!


Meet Our New Friends!

As a client of Socias Salon, there’s one thing we already know about you: you care about your hair! You’re willing to come and see us, investing valuable time and money to receive quality treatment for  your color, cut, or style.

We don’t want you to enjoy your hair just for a day or two after you walk out of the salon. We want you to love living with your hair each day between Socias visits, and a few great products at home can make the difference. It’s the truth: carefully picked products have the power to maintain and enhance a salon hairstyle!

 As stylists, we’ve taken the time to test out many products and brands on a variety of hair types that we come across in our salon chairs. After trial and success, Socias is excited to introduce to our clients two new product lines that we have tried, we have loved, and we look forward to using! 

These products will be both used in-salon and available for retail, so if you love what your stylist uses, take it home! We will also continue using & selling our beloved Pureology and Kenra lines.  If a product you already have works for you, we say keep using it! But if you’re searching for something to make your morning routine easier or your Good Hair Days more abundant, keep reading. In this month’s blogpost, we’re excited to educate you on why we’ve chosen to add these new products and explain how they work, whether your need be volumizing, curl shaping, texurizing, or frizz-fighting.

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Introducing: MoroccanOil!


We’ve loved MoroccanOil’s namesake oil for years, and over time some of you even requested we stock more of their items. Ask no more! The best of MoroccanOil’s products have made it to our shelves, offering volumizing, hydrating, and smoothing power. 


  • Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner

Infuse dehydrated, dry hair with much-needed moisture. This duo conditions hair with natural ingredients like argan oil, Vitamins A and E —for hair that looks and feels healthier. Gentle enough for daily use and safe for color-treated hair.

  • Smoothing Lotion 

For ladies who need to combat frizz: use this all-in-one hair lotion on damp hair before your blow-out. The lightweight formula provides medium hold while taming frizz and resisting humidity for smooth hair.


  • Extra Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Transform and volumize fine hair from lifeless to lively! This pair works weightlessly to gently cleanse and add volume to fine, limp hair. It brings back body for healthy-looking hair. Sulfate-free and safe for color treated hair!

  • Root Boost

We’re loving this product to lift your root and deliver big volume! Spray at the root right before your blow-out and style for a lifted look. 

  • Volumizing Mousse

Another great volumizer from MoroccanOil, perfect for those with medium to fine hair. This styler builds body without weighing down thinner hair, instead giving volume and fullness! Work into damp hair at the root and 

  • Dry Texture Spray

We love this spray to add texture and tousle up any style. Spray onto dry hair: at the root to add lift or all throughout to give touchable texture and finishing hold. 


Introducing: DevaCurl!


Do you have wavy or curly hair?  Then taming and styling your hair is likely no easy task. Most of us don’t have the luxury of time to blow out and flat iron our hair smooth every day, so that’s where DevaCurl comes in. It’s a unique line of products created specifically for wavy and curly girls, designed to help you embrace – not struggle with – your hair’s natural texture!


  • No Poo

Traditional shampoos can be far too harsh on curly hair, containing sudsing cleansing ingredients that strip curls of moisture. No Poo is a zero-lather shampoo, but not bubbly doesn’t equal not clean! Ideal for hair that is dry and not weighed down easily; best for coarse, thick hair types. 

  • Low Poo

Just like it’s No Poo counterpart, Low Poo contains no sulfates, but contains natural ingredients that add a soft lather, giving you that extra squeaky clean feel without dehydrating your hair, and works well for medium or thin hair. 

  • One Condition

Here’s the thing: moisture is essential for curls to look good. This conditioner delivers much-needed hydration to keep your curls shiny, bouncy, and frizz-free, all without weighing them down.


  • Supercream

The #1 styling product for curly girls, made for all curl types! This multi-tasking styler gives you control to shape, define, smooth frizz, and add shine. On wash days, apply when wet (better soaking vs. damp), and use it to re-shape dry curls on second- or third-day hair. 

  • Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam

If you like your waves or curls to be on the va-va-voluminous side, add this to your routine! The lightweight, body-boosting formula helps create airy volume and touchable definition with frizz control and incredible shine. 

Source: Instagram @colorwowhair

Introducing: ColorWow Dream Coat!


Dream Coat has been our magic potion for our clients that deal with lots of frizz, especially those with dense or coarse hair. And the best part is: it lasts through 3 to 4 shampoos! This product covers the hair with ingredients designed to tighten and seal each strand, making them super silky and resistant to humidity and moisture. Unlike other serums, Dream Coat will not weigh hair down or make it greasy. Spray liberally and evenly on DAMP (not wet) hair. Blow dry each section using a brush to hold hair taut, and ta-da! Ultra sleek and smooth for days to come!

If one of the featured items sounds like it would work for you, ask your stylist to try it out at your next appointment! Also, it’s that season again: our Pureology gift sets are back in stock! The shampoo & conditioner sets come in Hydrate, Strength, Volume or Smooth lines, and also include two FREE styling products, all wrapped in a gorgeous iridescent box. Get them while they’re still here, and check a few things off your list!

On a personal salon note, we are happy to announce that our lovely stylist Spencer Newton and her husband Joe welcomed their baby boy Abraham on November 16th! Both mother and son are happy and healthy, and she appreciates all our caring client’s well wishes! ♥