Just Checking In.

Just Checking In.

Image Source: Instagram @johnnyramirez

What a year it’s been! It’s been four months since we cautiously, but happily reopened Socias doors to our clients in June. We prepared as much as possible, and since our reopening we’ve been doing our best to  carry out our duty of making you feel more beautiful while keeping you safe. 


Nowadays, things that used to be simple (like showing up for a hair appointment) require more thought and planning. So the Socias team would like to sincerely thank all our clients for their patience, kind feedback, and cooperation as we all adjust to the safe and strange new ways of doing things at the salon. 


At Socias, your health is the highest priority to us. While we have been finding our new rhythm and getting used to the way things are running, we are not letting our guard down or slacking off on keeping safe. We still value the habits and practices that keep us protected more than any good hair day.


That being said, we wanted to remind you of a few of the measures we’ve been taking and what it means for you: 

  • Few and Far Between. We are still staggering our appointments so as to allow proper time for thorough cleaning between clients and to avoid having an excessive number of people inside our shop. As a result, you may have had to wait longer to book with your go-to stylist. This can be frustrating, but when you are able to have your precious appointment time, you can rest easier knowing we have covered all our bases. 


  • Thanks for Masking! Per Massachusetts mandate, masks are required to be worn inside salons at all times. We know they’re not comfortable to wear, and it’s difficult to understand each other in conversation when you’re muffled. But we ask you resist the urge to remove or lower your mask to chat or relax. Our entire Socias team will be wearing them, too! And remember: hair color can stain. So if you have a color appointment, put on a disposable mask or one you won’t mind getting marked up. 


  • Take a Sick Day. Normally, we’re bummed to see any appointment get cancelled! But we now kindly ask that you cancel your appointment (even last minute) if you are feeling ill. With flu season around the corner, we expect symptoms mutual of COVID and the common flu to be more frequent, and are living by the motto of better safe than sorry. We’ll be happy to reschedule your appointment as SOON as you’re feeling better! 


For a full overview of Precautions and Safety Measures taking place at SOCIAS, click here.

To book an appointment or free consultation with one of our amazing stylists, click here.


Once again, we thank you all for cooperating with the changes and requirements that COVID has brought about.  We wish you all to continue to stay safe, happy and healthy!


Sending love from the whole team at SOCIAS.